Paper at CaTaC Conference London, June 2016

Pleased to have presented a paper and received great feedback at the Culture Technology and Communication (CaTaC) conference in London this summer called ‘What’s Not Said’.

It’s a report of ‘work in progress’ on ethical reflections on the very interesting work being done by colleagues on mobile technologies for health (m-Health), focusing in particular on psychological wellbeing during pregnancy.

Here’s the abstract:

“Today technologies can be designed with access deep into our personal worlds and the potential to profoundly influence the way we live, which raise ethical questions for design. This paper offers insights into ethical approaches to design from the ground up, through projects that explore the potential for using mobile apps in reporting of psychological wellbeing. Using early work in progress on feedback from focus groups, we report on some valuable insights for app design and their contexts of use that help to inform discourse more generally around designing technologies for wellbeing. We focus on the practical and cultural issues that can arise and discuss how technologies can mediate self-knowledge and information that might otherwise remains unsaid, but is crucial for successful outcomes. We offer this material as a ‘phronetic’ approach to designing technology to support wellbeing.”

Full paper available here

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