I am an Assistant Professor at the School of Information & Communication Studies at University College Dublin and a founding member of HCI @ UCD research group at UCD, an interdisciplinary research group bringing together designers, computer scientists, social and cognitive scientists. We have core research interests in areas including digital health technology, conversational user interfaces, user autonomy, and ethical aspects of design for HCI. We publish regularly in leading journals and conferences, including ACM CHI, and seek to develop technologies that have positive impact on society.

My research explores ethical approaches to designing for interactivity at the cross section of positive computing, virtue ethics and care ethics. I’m particularly interested in how we can find ways to design and develop technologies that could be good for us. I also research how we understand interactivity in digital technologies – in theory, practice and discourse. In other words, I’m interested in how we talk about it and why because it relates directly to how we design for interactivity and how we experience it.

At UCD, I am also programme director for the MSc in Communication & Media and the Erasmus Mundus MSc EMJM TISE. I also teach Information Ethics and Digital Storytelling to undergrad and postgrad students across UCD. Previously, I was a postdoc and lecturer at Trinity College Dublin on the MSc in Interactive Media. I also studied and taught at DCU on the BSc and MSc in Multimedia on various courses from Information Design and Narrative to Project Management for digital media.


I am recruiting for the following positions:

  • PhD position with the D-REAL Centre for Research Training
  • Coming Soon: 2 Year Postdoc position on an ADAPT funded project

Please get in touch for more details…

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