I am lecturer/assistant professor at the School of Information & Communication Studies at University College Dublin. Before that I was Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin until March 2017. Before that I did other stuff…

In my work, I teach Information Ethics and Digital Storytelling to undergrad and postgrad students across UCD. Information Ethics is about how to live a good life and do better for others with the digital tools we design and use. Digital Storytelling is all about how we tell stories with digital tools and media. I am also a founding member of HCI @ UCD research group which brings together all things human-computer interaction related at UCD.

My research explores ethical approaches to designing for interactivity at the cross section of positive computing, virtue ethics and care ethics. I’m particularly interested in how we can find ways to design and develop technologies that could be good for us. I also research how we understand interactivity in digital technologies – in theory, practice and discourse. In other words, I’m interested in how we talk about it and why because it relates directly to how we design for it and how we experience it. My interest in this concept stems from working for many years as a digital media project manager in Dublin, where interactivity is always an issue and always generates a lot of talk

Previously, I studied and taught at DCU on the BSc and MSc in Multimedia on various courses from Information Design and Narrative to Project Management for digital media.

Last but not least, I also like to keep an eye on the contributions of small state research to academia, especially in media and communications.  In Ireland, we are heavily exposed to media and digital culture, content and research from other larger states and we study many of their theories on media and communications. Yet we have our own unique communications culture, our own ideas and ways of telling stories that are worth exploring and protecting…

This is where my publications, talks, ideas, early drafts and general reflections on digital media and HCI from a small country are housed. It’s not always up to date but I try…

For an explanation of the title ‘Tig’M’, see Beginnings. For any other details, get in touch.


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